Certified translation of Birth and Marriage Certificates into English

Certified translation of Birth and Marriage Certificates into English

If you plan to move to the UK (for work, study, or to be close to your family) you will be required to submit a certified translation of your official documents. These, usually, include birth and marriage certificates, divorce certificates, education diplomas, and others.

Our team of experts can quickly provide certified translations of official documents such as Birth and Marriage certificates into English. You can use our translation services for obtaining visas, pre-settled status, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), or in other scenarios.

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What is a Certified Translation?

Certified translation of documents must be performed by an accredited translation agency in order to be recognised by the UK authorities. Also, a certified birth certificate translation or a certified translation of marriage certificate must fully respect the legal frame accepted by the UK government and must be a true and accurate translation of the original document.

Our wide network of expert translators includes native linguists with full knowledge of the UK legal requirements with respect to official documents. That’s why we can guarantee our experts will take care of every aspect and that you will be able to use the resulting translation in any official institution in the country.

Translation of this type of documents can be completed within 24 hours. Plus, we guarantee the acceptability of our translations in the UK, for the Home office, passport office, etc.

We provide both scanned copies of the certified translation (emailed in pdf format) and hard copies posted to any UK address. Plus, because we handle such documents on a regular basis, we can provide discounted prices.

When do I need a UK certified translation of my documents?

All foreign-issued, non-English official documents that are used for official purposes in the UK, require a certified translation into English. So the most common scenarios when non-citizens need a certified translation of birth certificate and marriage certificate in English are:

  • If you apply for a UK visa, pre-settled, or for Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • To register the Marriage with the UK authorities
  • To renew your Passport
  • Change your name with banks, DVLA, or other institutions
  • If you register for a university degree

You will also need certified translations for your birth or marriage certificates if you want to replace the originals (in case of theft or misplacing them).

Official Translation for Outside the UK

Another situation where you will be required an English certified translation of official documents is if you apply for a visa at a UK-based embassy. You may also have to submit other official documents in this scenario, which is why it makes sense to work with a reliable provider of certified translation services.

You may also be requested a wedding certificate translation if you register for marriage or residency in a foreign country. In this case, you may also be requested a notarised translation, which we can also provide.

Key Takeaways

At Translations123, we focus on providing speedy and accurate certified translation services for official documents that are usually required in legal, professional, immigration, academic, or financial applications.

We also provide guidance on how to best use the documents we translate, in order to make confusing application processes easier to understand. Our professional translators are experts in working with official documents, and we can provide certified, sworn, and/or notarised translations that are accepted by the UK authorities.