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Technical translation is one of the most challenging types of work because it requires knowledge in the field, patience, and the ability to re-create technical terms (that may not exist) in a different language. The linguist also has to be able to balance the technical terminology and level of explanations so the targeted reader would be able to completely understand the text.

This is why we don’t allow just anyone in the team handling our technical translation services! The collaborators who work on technical documentation are personally vetted by specialists in the respective fields and proved they are capable of creating a fluent and comprehensive document without compromising the quality of the technical explanations.

Technical Translation in London

We work with people from all over the world, but our office is based in London. Due to our location, we had the chance to collaborate with amazing people and companies looking for various services such as patent translation, health and safety manuals, technical specifications, and more.

Patent Translation Services

Our team handling this type of documentation is up to date with the requirements of the patent comitte (regardless of the language you need the application translated to). So, you  will receive a complete and accurate representation of your ideas and thoughts in a different language, that can be used as is.

We translate patents in various languages, and these are some of the most challenging projects, because the terminology is quite specific, sometimes nonexistent. So, our translators will need to be in constant contact with the client, choosing the best wording in the translation.

We create glossaries and the terminology is shared in case of team work. We keep that terminology in our database for future reference, because we know that in many cases the client will need another translation.

We also collaborate with specialists in the field, so that they can guarantee our work. And, as always, proofreading is part of the work, so that we can avoid typos, errors and misunderstandings.

Furthermore, our translators have a very clear idea of the importance of protecting the inventors’ work. Since we work with high-profile companies, our technical document translation services always come with complete confidentiality and a secure environment.

Regardless of the size of your project, it will be treated with the same seriosity as any others.


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