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As a translation agency based in London, we work with companies of all sizes, from all over the world. We are a trustworthy business partner and our team of professionals is experienced in handling a large flow of official documents.

We make it our business to always respect deadlines and deliver the highest level of accuracy!

Here, at Translations123, our job is not over until the customer is completely satisfied! We are present throughout the entire work process, starting with the moment you visit our site and ending in making sure everything is perfect after the documents are delivered.

We understand the need for a reliable partner, who doesn’t need any extra guidance and can take care of problems on their own. As such, once you turn over the documents you need to be translated, you don’t have to worry about anything else – we will take care of the entire process, providing accurate translation and document organisation as per your request.

Fluent Translation & Business Terminology Knowledge

Our team treats each project with the same attention and care, and we never use subpar services to speed up the work. Each translation is done by humans who are experienced in adapting the translation to a native level (where and if it is necessary).

This is possible because we work with talented and experienced translators, who are proficient in their given business niche. Each project is assigned to someone who knows the niche; a translation of legal documents (such as certificates, immigration papers, and more) will be always assigned to someone who understands the field and knows the language, while a translation concerning marketing or finances, will be handled by language specialists with knowledge in that niche.

Furthermore, each project is assigned to a team of experts that will complete the job from start to finish. This way, we avoid a change in style or phraseology mid-project and we keep the entire work fluent and easy-going.

Business Translation Services we provide:

Business Plans

Do you have a fantastic business idea but need to attract investors from other countries? No problem, just send your Business Plan to us and our team will do the rest!

Our team of professionals is highly-trained in dealing with business plans from all walks of the trade; from medical establishments, to architecture cabinets, and even marketing plans. Our customers are 100% satisfied with the services we provide and entrust us with confidential information that require careful consideration when it comes to the terminology required.

We work with a broad range of businesses, so we became specialists in creating documents for a diverse pool of investors. As such, we know how to handle documents for:

  • Hedge Funds translation,
  • Venture Capital fund, and angel investors,
  • even Investment Banks.

Furthermore, we move fast and do our job extremely well, so you can get that investor before anyone else tries to snatch it up from under your nose! The advantage of working with Translations123 when it comes to recreating your business plan in a new language stands in the fact that we will also convey the emotion and enthusiasm you put on the pitch. Of course, all the financial data will be completely accurate and our collaborators know when a serious tone is needed.

We collaborate with specialists who understand the logic and seriousness of a Business Plan and pour their extensive knowledge into producing 100% accurate translations.

Some of the industries we’ve worked with:

  • Tech startups
  • Mobile Communications
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Software and Hardware companies
  • Medical and pharmaceutical companies

Employment Documents

The Translations123 team is highly specialised in working with documents for various employment situations. We can provide certified translations for:

  • Contracts,
  • Agreements,
  • Contract annexes
  • Job Description Papers
  • Reports,
  • Statements,
  • CVs,
  • Financial situations and more.

Our collaborators are specialised in work law and up to date with the latest regulations in the UK, so you can entrust us all sorts of legal documents. We completely understand that a legal translator must precisely convey the information from one language to another without mixing up terms or leaving space for ambiguity.

We understand that a legal term used incorrectly could have consequences for your company or employment regulations, which is why everything is double-checked by two different specialists in linguistics and law.

Furthermore, Translations123 is a reliable London translation agency that guarantees the confidentiality of all the received documents (regardless of their legal sensitivity degree). We fully understand that some of the documents you will entrust our team are sensitive, which is why we only collaborate with professionals experienced in the law sector.

Therefore, we appreciate your trust and we promise to always deliver the most accurate and meaningful legal translation of your documents, without breaching any confidentiality rules. We take your privacy seriously, and always take extra security measures to make sure your documents are protected.


Translations123 covers emails, letters of recommendation, personal correspondence, and any other type of communication between two parties that don’t speak the same language. We are the reliable, discreet intermediary that can help you connect with people from all over the world without having to learn a new language to do so!

Our services are 100% accurate and our specialists in communication and languages will make sure to convey the emotions and tone of your letter/chat in the translation. We guarantee complete confidentiality and we only expose the text to the collaborators who have to work on it.

We understand that personal correspondence is intimate, which is why our internal protocol doesn’t allow anyone to share the content with anyone outside of the project. This is also one of the reasons why several companies trust our translation services and asked for our consultations on a series of business emails.

Strict Proofreading Process

To make sure the final work is 100% accurate and flawless we have a proofreading process in place where the work of a translator is double checked by a second expert who is proficient in both the language and the field.

This is included in the initial price, so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges!