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As a translation agency based in London, we provide translation services for businesses in the UK and all over the world. Our team of professional translators can handle business documents of any kind in multiple languages. Also, we have quick turnaround times and deliver industry-leading accuracy levels. Plus, we are experienced in handling a large flow of official documents without breaching any security or confidentiality clauses.

Here, at Translations123, our job is not over until the customer is completely satisfied! We are present throughout the entire work process, starting with the moment you place an order and ending with delivering the requested translated documents.

We are a reliable business partner who can deliver professional translation services without any extra guidance. Once we discuss the details of the project and you turn over the documents for translation, you don’t have to worry about anything else. We will take care of the entire process, providing accurate translation and document organisation as per your request.

Professional Translation Services with Business Terminology Knowledge

As a translation company, we always make sure each project is treated with the same attention and care.

Plus, our project managers keep track of work progress and ensure communication is always a priority.

We only work with human translation, performed by professionals who are experienced in adapting the translation to a native level (where and if it is necessary) and are familiar with the terminology used in a business setting.

This is possible because we work with talented and experienced translators, who are proficient in their given business niche. Each project is assigned to someone who knows the niche. For instance, a translation of legal documents (such as certificates, immigration papers, and more) will be always assigned to someone who understands the field and knows the language. On the other hand, a translation concerning marketing or finances will be handled by language specialists with knowledge in that niche.

A project is assigned to one team of experts who will complete the job from start to finish. This way, we avoid a change in style or phraseology mid-project and we keep the entire work fluent and easy-going.

Translation Services for Businesses

Our offer includes a wide range of translation services, but the ones mentioned below are the most requested:

#1: Business Plans Translation Services

Do you have a fantastic business idea but need to attract investors from other countries? No problem! Send your Business Plan to us and our team will do the rest!

Our translation agency can work with business plans from all walks of the trade – from medical establishments to architecture cabinets, and even marketing plans. Our customers are 100% satisfied with the translation services we provide and entrust us with confidential information that requires careful consideration when it comes to the terminology required.

As a translation services business, we work with a broad range of customers, so we became specialists in creating documents for a diverse pool of investors.

Therefore, we know how to handle documents for (among others):

  • Hedge Funds translation
  • Venture Capital Fund, and angel investors
  • Investment Banks

We move fast and do our job extremely well. This way, you can get that investor’s support before anyone else snatches it right from under your nose! 

The advantage of working with a translation company is the overall accuracy and quick turnaround times. Also, all our translations are designed to convey the correct message as well as the original feelings of the author. While some may believe that a business translation needs to be cold and logical, we know it’s equally important to convey the emotion and enthusiasm you put on the pitch.

Of course, all the financial data will be completely accurate and our collaborators know when a serious tone is needed. We collaborate with specialists who understand the logic and seriousness of a Business Plan and pour their extensive knowledge into producing 100% accurate translations.

Some of the industries for which we provide translation services are:

  • Tech startups
  • Mobile Communications
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Software and Hardware companies
  • Medical and pharmaceutical companies

#2: Trademark And Copyright Infringement Protection

The Internet and all its connex services opened the doors to a whole new world, where communication is no longer hindered by distance. It also improved access to information and sped up the process of globalisation.

However, this also brought on a lot of confusion and unprecedented situations that are difficult to sort out.

As a translation agency, we work with various customers who require translation and localisation services for their brand, logo, website, or other marketing materials.

Both translation and localisation are crucial when you’re trying to build a successful campaign for a new market. But companies also face different challenges, such as trademark and copyright infringement conflicts with local businesses.

Why – you ask?

Well, there have been situations when the translation of a company’s slogan into another language happened to be the exact (or extremely similar) slogan used by a local company. Here are a few examples:

The Golden Balls Situation

Golden Balls is a sportswear company in the UK, founded by Inez and Gus Bodur in 2001.

They had no trouble using the name and building their brand around it until 2007 when a new game show called “Golden Balls” aired on ITV1. Since the Bodurs owned the trademark for the name, the company owning the show had to license the name from them.

However, once the show aired, the Bodurs were contacted by the organisers of FIFA Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball in French), accusing them of copyright infringement on the French trademark owned by the FIFA organisation.

After a lengthy legal process and lots of frustrations, the Bodurs won in the European trademark disputes court in 2010. However, OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) granted trademark rights for “Golden Balls” to Ballon d’Or organisation, in a number of sectors in Europe, including TV.

So, who won? Or most pressing – who was right?

The case went back and forth, and it may still be going, with losses on both sides. Still, the ones most affected by the situation are the Bodurs, who were forced to close their store and lost business.

The Spanish KFC Situation

Another case of brand translation and localisation that led to copyright infringement is built around Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) – a world-known brand with branches on almost all continents.

Their brand contains the phrase “It’s finger lickin’ good”, so when they launched on the Hispanic market, the English to Spanish translation and localisation of their brand became “para chuparse los dedos”.

However, the Spanish phrase was already used by a California Mexican restaurant, whose owner filed a lawsuit against KFC. According to the owner of the Mexican restaurant, they’ve been using the Spanish translation of the slogan since 1980 and even had it trademarked in 2007. As a result, the US Patent and Trademark Office rejected KFC’s application.

However, KFC ended up still using the translated slogan in their campaign. These two cases are only the icing on the cake as copyright infringement lawyers are still trying to sort out similar cases all over the globe.

The fast globalisation and broader access to information will continue to create such situations until we will have clearly written rules regarding translations and copyright protection. Right now, it’s not clear if the protection is extended to the translation. And if it is an extension, does this mean a trademarked phrase is owned in all languages? These scenarios raise a number of questions that have lawmakers scratching their heads.

That’s why business translation services should be an important part of any company’s plans to conquer new markets.

#3: Employment Documents Translation Services

Our team delivers certified translation services for various employment situations, such as (but not limited to):

  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Contract annexes
  • Job Description Papers
  • Reports
  • Statements
  • CVs
  • Financial situations

Our collaborators are specialised in work law professional translation services and are up to date with the latest regulations in the UK.

We completely understand that a legal translator must precisely convey the information from one language to another without mixing up terms or leaving space for ambiguity. We understand that a legal term used incorrectly could have consequences for your company or employment regulations, which is why everything is double-checked by two different specialists in linguistics and law.

Furthermore, Translations123 is a reliable London translation agency that guarantees the confidentiality of all the received documents (regardless of their legal sensitivity degree).

We fully understand that some of the documents you will entrust our team are sensitive, which is why we only collaborate with professionals experienced in the law sector. Therefore, we appreciate your trust and we promise to always deliver the most accurate and meaningful legal translation of your documents, without breaching any confidentiality rules. We take your privacy seriously, and always take extra security measures to make sure your documents are protected.

#4: Translation of Financial Documents

Financial documents are not to be messed with!

Whether we’re talking about filling in the correct data or translating them, these are business documents that require specialised assistance in any scenario.

The number one reason why people and companies hire our financial translation services is accuracy.

Since financial documents are often used for official purposes (such as applying for a visa or to a school abroad), it is crucial to make sure the data and information they contain are correct. As such, while numbers don’t need to be translated, the description, explanations, and other written details must respect the original meaning.

After all, you don’t want to submit a mistaken translation of your business documents when you are applying for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)! Furthermore, even students who apply for schools abroad may need to provide proof of their current financial situation. These usually include bank statements, tax returns, tax history, and so on.

Can Anyone Translate Financial Documents?

Just like with medical translations or even literary works, this is not a job for anyone who knows more than one language. To make sure the translation is accurate and respects the structure and tone of a financial document, you must find an experienced linguist with training in the financial field. This person knows how to approach such a sensitive project and knows how to translate specific terms that are usually out of the grasp of a layman’s understanding.

Furthermore, most institutions require a certified translation, which only a certified translator or translation agency can provide.

Lastly, due to fast globalisation and the spread of online companies that activate in several countries, taxes and financial statements must be filled in other languages than English. And this is where specialised agencies like Translations123 can offer their help and guidance. In summary, financial translation is quite tricky because mistakes can creep up easily, even if you are an expert in the field. That’s why we only work with trained financial translators, and we have a solid proofreading system in place.

Financial Translation Techniques

As we mentioned, even trained linguists can make mistakes. Therefore, to make sure our business translation services are 100% accurate, we use a series of techniques as listed below:

Document analysis

Before anything gets translated, our project managers analyse the content of each document and highlight any ambiguities. The purpose of this step is to understand the context and make sure we have all the necessary information.

Identify the best translators for the job

We have the advantage of collaborating with a network of specialists, which allows us to select the best people for each project. Some financial translations will require extended knowledge in international finance and banking, while others are more focused on organisational documents. As such, it is the job of the project managers to identify the best person for the task.

Check every detail

Attention to detail is vital whether we’re working for an international company or a bank. After all, even the smallest mistake can have drastic repercussions in the financial sector! So, it is our job to put every financial translation through a series of checkpoints, that will help identify any mistakes.

#5: Translation Services to Overcome Language & Cultural Barriers

If you want your business to be successful overseas, you will need a reliable partner who can help solve communication issues and language barriers.

Our translation agency can help smooth out the wrinkles in communication with local business partners, employees, providers, and audiences. Our team of professionals can help with marketing communication, internal documents translations, and can help you and your team understand cultural differences. If left unaddressed, these issues may end up in costly lawsuits and failed marketing campaigns!

#6: Correspondence

Translations123 covers emails, letters of recommendation, personal correspondence, and any other type of communication between two parties that don’t speak the same language.

We are the reliable, discreet intermediary that can help you connect with people from all over the world without having to learn a new language to do so!

Our services are 100% accurate and our specialists in communication and languages will make sure to convey the emotions and tone of your letter/chat in the translation.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and we only expose the text to the collaborators who have to work on it.

We understand that personal correspondence is intimate, which is why our internal protocol doesn’t allow anyone to share the content with anyone outside of the project. This is also one of the reasons why several companies trust our translation services and asked for our consultations on a series of business emails.

Strict Proofreading Process

To make sure the final work is 100% accurate and flawless we have a proofreading process in place where the work of a translator is double-checked by a second expert who is proficient in both the language and the field. This is included in the initial price, so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges!