Official Birth Certificate Translation in London or the UK [2023 update]

Official Birth Certificate Translation in London or the UK [2023 update]

  • Are you in the process of moving from another country to the UK (or any other country)? 
  • Or maybe you are applying to a university abroad.
  • Or are you trying to get married in an exotic location, far away from home? 

In any of these situations (and more), you will be asked to provide an official birth certificate translation or a certified birth certificate translation

How do I translate a birth certificate into English?

The answer applies to certified translations to and from other languages as well. 

The solution is simple, easy, and affordable. You just have to follow these three steps:

  1. Send us your document(s) –  take a clear picture or scan of the document you need to be translated. Use our Get a Quote form to upload it or send it via email at
  2. Wait for our reply – We usually reply within 30 minutes of receiving your message regarding costs and time of delivery.
  3. Receive the translated document – We pride ourselves in offering a 1-day turnaround for most documents

When asked for official birth certificate translations or certified birth certificate translations it is essential that the translation service is completed and authorised by an accredited translation agency (just like us).

Our official birth certificate translations can be used when:

  • applying for a passport or visa
  • applying for employment in a different country
  • enrolling into an educational institution
  • trying to get married in a different country (marriage license)
  • social security benefits application (only for some countries)
  • driver’s license application


We provide exemplary birth certificate translation services! We also offer our invaluable expertise and are able to give you information that sometimes is very difficult to obtain – it can be hard and time-consuming to obtain information from governmental bodies or from Embassies and Consulates.

Official Birth Certificate Translation in London (or the UK) – When Do You Need It?

birth certificate translation explanations

If your document is not in English

In this case, you will have to get the birth certificate translated for use in the UK. 

There are many situations that require birth certificates to be translated into English, such as:

  • In order to get married in the UK – you will need to submit a certified translation of your birth certificate and other supporting documents (like certificates of no impediment to marriage or divorce decrees, if applicable). It is very likely that the British authorities will request that the translation service will be performed in the UK by a certified translator.
  • In order to enrol a child in school. The school will ask you to provide proof of the child’s identity and parental authority.
  • To apply for obtaining a Child Benefit or Tax Credit for your child that was not born in the UK but resides here now.
  • For immigration purposes, to apply for a visa or family reunification.
  • To apply for UK Passport.
  • To present to Notaries or Embassy Officials in order to draw up a Power of Attorney for travel with the minor child.
  • To submit to any institution that may require proof of your kinship.

If you hold a UK Birth Certificate

If you already have the original document in English but wish to use it abroad for various purposes, you may need to get it translated in the UK. 

These are some common situations when certified translations may be needed, such as:

  • In order to get married abroad – if you wish to have the dream wedding in one of the famous destinations (Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey etc.). There are specific additional requirements that must be met, such as providing a notary certification of the translation (also known as a legalised translation of birth certificates). These depend on each country, and we are able to provide advice on each situation.
  • For registration of a UK-born child with the authorities of the country of the parents’ citizenship, in view of applying for a passport with that country of for travel documents.
  • For enrolment of a UK-born child at a school abroad.
  • For enrolment of a UK citizen at a University outside the UK.
  • For divorce proceedings of a UK citizen that are taking place outside the UK.
  • To submit to any foreign authorities that may request that.

Birth Certificate Translation Additional Notes

What does Official Translation of Birth Certificates mean?

By official translation, we understand an accurate translation service performed by a professional. This professional can be one of the following: 

  1. an individual qualified professional member of an association certifying their qualification
  2. a translation agency that represents a group of professional translators and certifies their work

In summary, an official translation birth certificate means the resulting document (the professionally translated birth certificate) can be used in your relationship with official authorities and organizations. 

What does Certified Translation of Birth Certificate mean?

The term “certified translation” has the same meaning as “official translation”. In summary, you will need a certified translation service to get a certified translation. 

Side note: the term “sworn translation” is usually applicable to translators of other countries who undergo a different process for becoming qualified translators recognised by the state.

How to Get an Accurate Birth Certificate Translation

The best way to avoid any delays or problems with the authorities in a foreign country is to have your birth certificate translated by a professional translation agency. It also helps to hire the service of an agency that already has experience in working with official documents (such as Translations123). 

Still, to make sure your translation will be 100% accurate, here are a few things you can do:

  • Provide the translation company with spelling references for names and addresses. This is extremely helpful for documents written in languages that don’t use the Roman alphabet (like traditional Chinese or Russian).
  • Spell out names and addresses for handwritten documents to avoid any mistakes. 
  • If you have both the short and long versions of your birth certificate, it’s best to send out both. 

A 100% accurate and correct translation of your birth certificate needs to contain the following information:

  •  Full name
  •  Place of birth
  •  Date of birth (month, day, year)
  •  Full names of both parents
  •  The official seal of the issuing authority

Do I need a Notarized Birth Certificate Translation?

birth certificate translation questions

In most cases, a certified translation of a birth certificate should be enough for any governmental agencies, immigration offices, or education organizations. However, there may be some situations when you are specifically required to present a notarized certified translation. 

If this is the case, please make sure to mention this aspect when you send us copies of the documents. Otherwise, we will only send you the certified translation (without the seal of approval from a notary).

Where to translate birth certificates to English?

For the best results, make sure to hire the services of an accredited translation agency that has proven expertise in working with official documents. 

Translations123 is one of the best translation agencies that can help you with a birth certificate translation in London. We work with well-trained translators who know how to follow the strict guidelines of an official document. 

So, do not hesitate! Contact us to get a quote and relevant information on birth certificate translation services and more. All our translators are experts in their field and help us deliver a certified translation service at the best industry standards