Certified Translation Services: Explanations & Real-Life Situations [for Immigrants & UK Citizens]

Certified Translation Services: Explanations & Real-Life Situations [for Immigrants & UK Citizens]

The UK is one of the countries with the most varied population in Europe since it gathers together people from all over the world. According to the latest data, starting with 1945, the UK has received quite a significant number of immigrants from the former colonies (India, Pakistan, Caribbean, South Africa, and so on), and more recently (starting with 2004), from Eastern and Central European countries.

However, regardless of the country you’re coming from, you will have to use English when dealing with UK governmental departments and authorities. This means that, if you want to apply for a job, get married, further your education. register a child, or apply for citizenship, you will need a certified translation of your documents. Plus, each type of application requires different documents and formats.

Translations123 is an official translation agency and we offer our customers certified translation services at the best prices. Therefore, we have the expertise and tools to cover your translation needs, regardless of the situation.

Today we will discuss three situations that require a high-quality, professional translation service:

  1. Certified translations for Residence Card or British Citizenship
  2. Certified translations for Marriage Certificate
  3. Certified translations for Criminal Records

#1: Certified Translation Services for Residence Card or British Citizenship

The British government offers immigrants the possibility to become citizens (by getting British citizenship) or receive permanent residence (get a Permanent Residence Card), depending on the case. However, in order to become a citizen or a permanent resident, one needs to submit a written request accompanied by a certified translation (in English) of their original documents.

This is where a translation agency like Translations123 can be of help to someone looking to change their status in the UK. We can help you with:

  • Spanish to English certified document translation
  • German into English certified translation
  • Italian to English certified translation
  • Other languages

Following Brexit negotiations and rumours regarding a drastic change in the way the UK will deal with immigration and immigrants post-Brexit, we noticed more and more people interested in clarifying their situation in the United Kingdom. As such, the requests for certified translation services for documents for Residence Card or British citizenship have tripled in the last few months.

It’s important to know that, if the translation of the requested documents is not accurate and correct, your request will be denied. So, it’s best to contact a specialised translation company and pay the price for certified translation services (which is quite affordable) than risk having your citizenship application denied.

Residence Card or Citizenship?

Both submissions require numerous documents, and since you are applying to become a citizen or a resident in the UK, they must be in English. This is why you need the assistance of an official translation company that can guide you through the process and deliver an accurate and reliable translation of official documents (birth and marriage certificates, education diplomas, and more).

Our translators have extensive experience working with documents for immigration purposes, and they can offer valuable advice and insight in both situations. Moreover, all our certified translations are accepted by UK government bodies and other EU governmental agencies.

Certified Translation of Documents for Residence Card

The team at Tanslations123 offers accurate certified translations from several languages into English, carried out by translators with extensive knowledge of the immigration system and the documents required. 

For instance, if you plan to apply for a Permanent Residence card, you’re only eligible if you’ve lived in the UK for five years (more details here). Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, but for most applicants, this time period is mandatory.

The list of documents you must provide is quite extensive (can be found here), but items like passport, national identity card, marriage or civil partnership certificate, and more must be translated by a certified translation service.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that most Permanent Residence documents will not be valid after 31 December 2020. So, to continue to live in the UK, you need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, which may require the official translations of other documents.

Certified Translation of Documents for British Citizenship

Depending on your current situation, you will be asked to provide several documents that prove you are settled in the country and haven’t left for extended periods of time. You also need to provide proof of your identity and proof of residence.

Just like with the PR card, the Home Office needs certified translations of all documents that are not written in English or Welsh. This means that the translations must be accompanied by a statement of the “true and accurate translation” and the name of the company that did the job with the official stamps and seal. Otherwise, your application has a big chance of being denied.

#2: Certified Translation for Marriage Certificate

Some of the documents we receive most often for translation are marriage certificates because they are required in a wide range of scenarios.

As such, you may find yourself in need of an official translation of a marriage certificate in the following situations:

Application for a Visa or Residence Permit

When you apply for a visa or residence permit in the UK, you must submit a marriage certificate.

In this case, unless your marriage certificate is already in English, you will need to provide a certified translation in line with the guidelines provided by UKVI.

The Wedding Took Place Abroad

Many British citizens have their wedding abroad, in one of the famous destinations of the world such as Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Mexico, Spain, France, or even Thailand or Japan.

Therefore, you will need an official translation of your marriage certificate into English so that you can use it in the UK. This is required to register your new marital status with the Registry Office, change your Passport, change your name with your bank or with suppliers, change your driving licence, and in any other situation.

Marriage Registration Abroad

In this scenario, you live and got married in the UK, but you need to register your marriage abroad. Depending on the country, there are specific requirements.

Our team has experience with legal documents from other countries as well. Therefore, we can assist with the correct information or guide you through the process. In some cases, a certified translation of your marriage certificate is sufficient, in others, you may need a legalised translation as well.

Divorce Application

You are applying for divorce but your marriage certificate is not in English. In this case, the court will request a certified translation of the marriage certificate with a statement of truth or a translation notarized in the UK.

You can also request official translations of birth certificates. Just fill in your request in our Get a Quote form!

#3: Certified Translation of Criminal Record

Whether you’re in the UK looking for a new life or you already have a clearly defined path, a new job is the best way to secure your status.

Most employers will want to make sure you are indeed a positive addition to their team. Therefore, you may be asked to provide proof of your character, which is usually acquired by submitting a Police Record Clearance / Criminal Record Background check (CRB). You will also need a certified or official translation of your criminal record.

Is the CRB Mandatory?

It depends on the type of position you are after. However, it’s extremely likely that you’ll be asked to provide one.

Here are the most common situations where you may be asked to provide a standard certified translation of your CRB:

Jobs in the Medical Field

An application to work as a nurse, doctor or dentist for the NHS will have to include your police record check as well as a certificate of Good Standing as a professional.

Jobs in Education

If you wish to work as a Teacher or Teacher Assistant, all educational institutions will request an enhanced Criminal Record Background check that would specifically state that there is no impediment for you to work with children and teenagers.

Aviation and/or Airport Jobs

Should you wish to apply with an aviation company to work as a pilot or cabin crew, you must prove that you have no criminal record history. Even if you wish to work in an airport, as a sales assistant, waiter, or in any other position, the same procedure must be followed – it is mandatory that your application pack includes your CRB check (the original document and a certified or official translation in English.

Security Agents or Taxi Drivers

It is just the same for an applicant who wants to work as a security agent, and therefore they want to register with the Security Industry Agency (SIA) – if you cannot prove that your criminal record is clean you cannot be hired. Or should you wish to become a taxi driver, you must first get your TFL licence, and one of the requirements is to submit your CRB check.

In short, every government authority and institution may require a Criminal Record Background check in English. If your application pack does not include these official documents (CRB and official translation), it will not matter how qualified or experienced you are. You will not be interviewed or given a chance to a position until and unless you submit it.

Why do you need a Certified Translation of Criminal Record?

Obviously, your criminal record will be issued in the country you are coming from or where you’ve been living and working before. Unless this is an English speaking country, your CRB will be in a foreign language, therefore you must get it translated.

Therefore, whether you have a:

  • Casier judiciaire issued in France, Belgium, or another French-speaking country
  • Führungszeugnis from Germany
  • certificate from the Registro Central de Penados in Spain
  • Zapytanie o Udzielenie Informacji o Osobie from Poland
  • Cazier Judiciar issued in Romania
  • Certificado de Registo Criminal from Portugal
  • Certificato Penale/Generale del Casellario Giudiziale that you received from Italy

or any other Criminal Record Clearance in any language issued by any country, you will need the services of a translation agency.

Our team works fast and all our certified translations are legally valid for any institution in the UK. We also offer the best price for official translations of Criminal Records and the fastest turnaround.

Pricing, Turnaround & Special Offers

We provide our customers with official translation services that follow the UK government’s guidelines to the letter. Therefore, if you need translations of personal documents, medical notes, or legal purposes, our team can provide you with accurate translations of certified documents that fit your needs.

Depending on the type of document, language and purpose, you are looking at prices starting at £20 and a turnaround of 24 hours. If you want to know more about our certified translation service, send us an inquiry today by filling in the Get a Quote form or give us a call

We can issue several copies of the translations, as you may need to submit these to several institutions. For instance, you may need to register your marriage with the Registry Office, then have a Passport and Driving Licence issued in your new name and prove your new status and name to the bank. We charge a small fee for each additional duplicate (£5), and you get your fourth duplicate for free (as part of the same order). We can also reissue a certified translation at a later point, by accessing our secure database.

As a general rule, we provide discounts for quantity, so the more documents you have, the less you will pay per document.

Wrap Up

Our team of native speakers and highly experienced linguists can take good care of your translation needs. We are well-versed in translating official documents and all our translations can be used for applications to various institutions in the UK or the EU.

Don’t wait until the last moment!

Whether you are just curious about the cost or are in need of a high-quality certified translation service, that can do the job in a timely and professional manner, contact us today by email at info@translations123.com. We are here to help!