Marriage certificate translation required after Marriage Abroad

Marriage certificate translation required after Marriage Abroad

Marriage abroad, on an idyllic wedding location, is something many couples who decide to take the step would love to try. However, before you start searching for your ideal marriage location, you have to think about what this step implies, from a legal point of view.

For instance, if you do get married abroad, you will be required to provide a certified translation of the marriage certificate upon your return to the UK. This is because, whether you choose Greece, Italy, Spain, or any other preferred location, your marriage document will be in a foreign language. This happens because it is an official document, released by the governmental authorities of that specific country – so it will be in their national language.

The Translations123 team of experienced translators can easily help translate marriage certificate into English. Plus, we work fast and all our translations are certified and valid for use in the UK.

Certified marriage certificate translations – What Does it Mean?

Certified translations must be provided by an accredited translation company in order to be recognised by the UK authorities. It must also be a true and accurate translation of the marriage certificate, one that respects the UK legal frame without altering the data from the original document.

A certified translation of marriage certificate is required in order to register the marriage with the UK authorities, but it’s also required if you apply for a name change (if one or both spouses change their family name after marriage).

When Do I Need a Certified Marriage Certificate?

The translation of certificates, whether it’s marriage, birth, divorce, or of other nature is required when you want to register the marriage with the UK government and the official document is in a foreign language.

The same is requested if you apply for a visa within the United Kingdom or if you want to enrol in an educational programme and you’ve changed your name after marriage. Regardless of the situation, you will need the assistance of a translation service that can release an official translation of the marriage certificate.

Translation Certificate UK Services

All you need to do to translate your marriage certificate is submit a copy of the original document with our team. For this, you can use the Get a Quote form or simply send it via email at Our specialised consultants will take over from there.

We are well-trained in official document translation, and all such projects are handled by native collaborators. This way, you make sure there won’t be any complications or callbacks for your marriage registration application in the UK.

Plus, we can help with a wide range of translation services, from official documents translation (like marriage certificates) to legal, financial, and technical documents. So, whether you need a marriage certificate translated or you are a business in need of translation services, don’t hesitate to let us know about your needs!