With experience comes wisdom, which is why we decided to create this section with answers to questions that show up quite often in our activity

Q: What is the price for 1 page's translation?
A: Usually, the price is established based on 3 factors (but other variables may intervene): – Urgency of a translation – we try to deliver the translation as soon as possible, but if you need in a few hours, we will charge and urgency fee; – Language – All rarely used languages are more expensive than the standard ones; – The difficulty of the text – This is to be assessed by the translator and will be communicated to you in our reply to your Quote request
Q: I can't upload the documents on your form. What do I do?
A: We are very serious about the health of our site and forms, but there may be times when a user can’t upload files in the Request a Quote form. In this case, we recommend giving us a call or sending us an email at info@translations123.com. We will reply with the same promptness as we would if you have sent us the request via form.
Q: How many languages do you support?
A: We cover the most used languages in the world and some of the ones that are less known but for which we receive requests from clients. Overall, we work with over 120 languages, with collaborators from all over the world, so every translation you get from us will be supervised by at least one native speaker.  
Q: Do you work with business & law specialists?
A: Yes. Our goal is to deliver accurate translations that convey the message intended by the original writer. For this, we need to consult with specialists in the niche that best represents the text being translated, to make sure we use the correct terminology and phraseology.  
Q: Do you share my personal information with other parties?
  A: No. We only ask to know the information that is relevant for the translation, and we never share it with anyone else besides the translators and specialists that will work on it. We also have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements with all our collaborators, to prevent any leakage of information. We also work with confidential documents and large corporations entrust us with sensitive data. Furthermore, our Privacy Policy follows the GDPR rules in order to make sure every one of our clients is fully protected.