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There are times when customers only want us to check their documents to make sure the text is well phrased and words flow naturally for a native reader. As a strong, international team, we can definitely provide proofreading services, and we are happy to encourage people to come to us for dissertation proofreading, thesis proofreading, academic proofreading services, and more.

By having your work proofed by a certified translator, who is also accredited in the niche you need, you make sure everything is in order and that the words convey exactly the message you want. Proofreading services in UK are important when you are not highly familiar with the language you’re using in the paper because some words may have different meanings in certain contexts.

Proofreading and Editing: Is it Important?

Below you can see some examples of how important proofreading can be:

  • “Perfection has it’s price” – A Stella Artois banner, where the marketing team didn’t understand the difference between “its” and “it’s” (they sound similar, but they are completely different).
  • “Heated poo in the backyard” – a mistake made by a real estate agency (can you imagine the buyers’ reaction?)
  • And finally, one that affected the academic world – In 1988, graduates from the University of Wisconsin received over 4000 diplomas with the name ‘Wisconson’ wrote at the top.

As you can see, proofreading is of paramount importance – a tiny mistake can have devastating effects on your company or personal success.

Disertation proofreading

We also work on academic papers with the promise that every information you submit to our team will remain confidential. Furthermore, your paper will be catered by highly-trained professionals who understant the rigors of the academic world.

Can’t I Proofread My Essay?

It’s important to make sure you have someone outside of the project doing the proofreading. The person (or persons) working on a project (essay, academic paper, report) for a long time gets too close to the work and it becomes more difficult to catch on little mistakes.

So, even if you are a native speaker, writing in your own language, it’s easy to miss typos. This is even more important if you don’t know the language or you entrusted your translation needs to someone who is not reliable (or can’t present a guarantee). This is why you should hire an essay proofreader to have a look on your paper.

We’ve worked with dozens of customers (companies and individuals) from all over the world and our collaborators are always double-checking their work using the internal quality system we have in place.

So, to make sure your writing is just as sharp as ours, send us a proofreading and editing request and we’ll put an end to your worries!


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