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Translations123 is accredited to do translations for all types of official documents and certificates in and from a wide range of languages. Birth certificate translation is one of our most requested services, since we work with many immigrants looking to reunite their family in a new country. Given this aspect, we already have a highly effective process when it comes to birth certificates.

For instance, if you have children born outside of the UK (in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, etc.), their birth certificate will not be in English, so you won’t be able to use the document with the UK authorities. Furthermore, if you immigrated from abroad with the entire family, you will need to have your children’s birth certificates and your marriage certificate translated by a reliable agency.

If you’re in any of the situations described above, our experts can help. They are knowledgeable when it comes to working with birth and marriage documents and are able to apply the correct terminology and phraseology. Our seal of approval states you used the services of an accredited agency; this means you can use our certified translation in court, at the Home Office, embassies, registry offices, and any other authorities that require it.

Marriage Certificate Translation

Are you interested in moving to the UK in the near future? Or maybe you got a job abroad and now you’re need of specialised help to put all the documents in order.

Regardless of the situation, if you are married and plan to move to a different country (with or without your partner), you will need a wedding certificate translation. Given that this is a sensitive document, you will need the help of our linguist specialists with experience in the legal field. For instance, if your document was issued in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, or any other country that does not issue documents in English, you will need our team to work on it.

A certified translation of marriage certificate should be done by a native translator, with knowledge of the legal frame in the country where you plan to move. We can guarantee that our experts will take care of every aspect and you will be able to use the resulted translation in any official insitution in the respective country.

We understand that this can be an urgent job for you, so we make it our job to deliver your complete documents within 24h from the moment we agree on terms.

Divorce Certificate Translation

Even though it’s not a happy event, this is a mandatory document when you decide to leave your country for a new one. This legal binding document will be requested for your immigration file, you will have to submit it when you get a job, when you apply for financial assistance, or if you intent to re-marry.

If not done correctly, the translation of such an important paper can raise a series of legal problems, so it’s best to hire specialised help. The team at Translations123 is knowledgeable in these situations and discrete; we also work fast and guarantee our work can be used in the relation with authorities.

Death Certificate Translation

We specialise in the translation of vital documents, that are oftenly required by authorities when switching countries. In consequence, the death certificate is one of the documents we know extremely well. We have experience translating such papers in English and other languages, and we understand how to use the legal terminology and phraseology.

Furthermore, we double-check everything. Each translation goes through our proofreading process and is vetted by a specialist to ensure all the rules were followed.

Other certificates we cover:

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  • Diplomas and Educational papers
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