Top 5 Industries that Rely on High-Quality Translation Services in the UK

Top 5 Industries that Rely on High-Quality Translation Services in the UK

There is no doubt that, in a globalized world, business and high-quality translation services go hand-in-hand. But the need for these services is not the same in every industry.

For instance, a business that does mainly construction and maintenance work won’t have the same need for our services as a business activating in the legal field. Contractors usually need assistance when it comes to employment documentation (around 8% of UK construction workers are non-UK nationals). Also, legal firms offer a constellation of services that require help from a specialised translation agency.

Since there is no official top of industries that constantly use translation services, we rely on our experience and that of our partners. So, please keep in mind that things may be different in another country, with a different economic background.

The Legal Sector

Since the legal sector brings us the most customers (we provide legal translation services for UK solicitors), we feel it’s natural to place it at the top of the list.

When we work with businesses that need the translation of legal documents, we usually deal with immigration papers, employment documents, specialised certificates, contracts, and more. Since the nature of these documents is extremely sensitive, we only collaborate with professionals in both the legal and language fields.

But there are other aspects that need our attention besides the immigration section of the legal field. We also deal with patents, correspondence, business deals, litigation papers, and more, which makes this area of our work extremely diverse.

Financial Translation

Global businesses are entities that activate in different countries but maintain a headquarter in a specific location. As such, many departments within a global company rely on high-quality translation services. Among these, you can count the financial department.

Our job is to help these businesses organize their statements, reports, auditor’s reports, business plans, and other financial documents across different languages and cultures.

Marketing (Both Online & Offline)

By far, the marketing industry is the one that has more to gain from working with reliable translators!

Since the entire industry is about communicating thoughts and forming opinions, it needs help from people who understand how each language works. Moreover, the marketing industry needs help in understanding how language shapes the way people think and act in different parts of the world.

As such, we work with a lot of marketing materials, such as banners, flyers, branding strategies, promotion campaigns, and more.

The Medical Industry

With the increasing development of immigration, medical services and documents need to be available in different languages. Of course, this requires people specialised in both niches (language and the medical field), who can work with medical terms and deal with patients (where necessary).

As a translation agency, we usually work with medical reports, insurance documents, medical certificates, and more. Still, there’s also an increasing need for reliable translation services when it comes to translating medical information released by pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

Software Translation & Localisation

There is no secret that our lives are currently dominated by technology. We use it for personal and business affairs, and we’re never too far away from a modern device.

But, for the industry to get so widely spread it needed (and still needs) reliable translation services. Even though English is the unofficial language used in IT, most apps, specialised software, and websites that target a global audience must be multilingual.

Furthermore, it’s not just about translating the text. You also need to perform localisation, which factors culture into the equation. Localisation services are performed by people who understand a specific culture (most likely natives) and can make sure the text in a software piece is easy to understand and follow.

Wrap Up

The translation industry is intertwined with some of the most powerful industries, which is one of the reasons it is so diverse and challenging. Furthermore, the people who choose to practice translation services need to constantly update their knowledge and keep in touch with the industries they follow.