The Most Romantic Languages to Express Love this Valentine

The Most Romantic Languages to Express Love this Valentine

Saint Valentine’s Day is the world-wide holiday of love and couples everywhere, from South Africa to Greenland and Asia to America celebrate it. True, the origins of the holiday are a bit grim than red hearts, roses, and chocolates, but in 2020, February the 14th is all about love and romance.  

But did you know that you can sound more romantic if you express your feelings in a different language? Of course, not just any different language, but one of the most romantic languages of the world.

Which ones are those?  We’re here to tell you!

#1: Spanish

The language of the conquistadors is derived from Latin, which classifies Spanish as a Romance language. But the romantic aspect of the language comes from its use of soft consonants and long vowels, which are not prevalent in Germanic or Slavic languages. 

Have you ever wondered why a text translation from English to Spanish sounds so good and soothing? Well, English is considered a Germanic language, which makes it harsher in tones and sharp to the ear. On the other hand, the softness of Spanish lulls the senses away and makes the flow of words seem more natural. 

Lastly, Spanish makes it easy to create rhymes, which makes it perfect for music and poetry. After all, Latino rhythms are the most ‘caliente’ (hot) in the history of modern music!  

#2: French

Given that Paris is the city of love, it makes a lot of sense to think about the French language as one designed for romance, poetry, and art in general. The language is exquisite and flows extremely well due to the balanced distribution of vowels and consonants. 

Furthermore, the French have a powerful reputation for flowery poetry and seductive lyrics that charm the soul and make you feel special. If you add their centuries of culture and art, and the fact that it is spoken in over 29 countries across the world, you understand why many consider it the only true language of love. 

#3: Italian

If you ever heard a native Italian speak you know why the language is on our list. An Italian could be reciting their grocery list and it will still sound like music to the ears of a foreigner! 

The words have a special cadence that tickles the ear in the nicest of ways and satisfies our need for well-designed patterns. Just like Spanish and French, Italian is a Romance language evolved from Latin. In addition, it is associated with beautifully written prose, poetry, and opera. 

#4: Portuguese

If the first languages we mentioned are musical, soft, and flowery, the Portuguese language is hot and sexy. Of course, it’s also based on Latin, but it’s mostly spoken in areas we associate with exotic, paradise-like vacations (Portugal and Brazil). 

The language is incredibly rhythmic and musical and can be easily associated with samba, marrabenta, or bossa nova (again, incredibly sexy rhythms usually shared by lovers). This is possible due to the wide range of vowel sounds and only several tricky consonants to limit the speaker. 

#5: Japanese

It’s not derived from Latin and it doesn’t let your imagination run wild when you hear it. However, it is an incredibly romantic language, with exotic notes and wide potential for expression.

The Japanese language is captivating, but also incredibly polite and respectful, allowing speakers to open up about their feelings in ways other languages can’t. In addition, many specialists find this to be the best language for singing since all the syllables are open and the overall impression is light and enchanting.  

Wrap Up

Do you agree with our pick when it comes to the most romantic languages? 

Of course, we’re not saying other languages are not beautiful and expressive, it’s just that these five have some of the most melodic and flowery word flows. They are also associated with poetry, songs, and love prose more often than other languages and feel more exotic. 

On the other hand, if your feelings are true and your heart is in the right place, it doesn’t matter which language you use to express your feelings for the people you love. Just make sure you let them know!