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This process certifies that the translation is a true representation of the original document and is done by a registered notary. Notarized translation or notarization is usually required for translated documents that will be used in countries where English (or the translated language) is not recognised as the official language. However, there are other situations when this process is required (like when you need a birth certificate translation notarized or an immigration translation certification).

Translations123 does not provide both translation and notary services directly, but we collaborate with a registered UK notary and all translated documents will be certified and notarised according to the standard regulation. Furthermore, we guarantee the confidentiality and safety of your documents for as long as they are in our possession. We only submit the original files to the persons who absolutely must come in contact with them , and all our work stations are secure.

Fast-Paced Certified and Notarized Translation

Since we know some of our customers are in a hurry, we do our best to speed up the process without any compromise on quality. This is why we work with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced notaries in London.

The documents first go to our linguist specialists, who will make the translation in the requested language, after which we will send the translation and the original document to the notary’s office to complete the task. This final document will be then sent to you, with all the necessary explanations.

The resulted documents can be used in your relation with the authorities in administration, finances and even the judicial system because it bears our seal of approval and the stamp of a certified notary. So, instead of wasting precious time and running errands in a crowded city, entrust your needs to us and let us take over. The job will be done fast and with high-regard towards quality and accuracy, while you get to take care of other urgent tasks.


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