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Here at Transaltions123 we work with people from all over the world and our team is a collection of native and non-native translators specialised in all fields of life. This is the main reason why we can provide translation and localization services in several languages of international use (such as English, Spanish, French, or Russian).

Translation and localization represent the adaptation of an existent text or translation to a certain culture, which is why you will need a native working on it. A good example of local translation services is when someone fine tunes a text written in American English so it would be suitable for a British English audience (changing the z to an s where necessary). But there are other aspects that matter such as national holidays, money, geographic references or gender roles.

So, besides standard translation, we also provide this fine-tuning of the text so it will seem like it was written by a native speaker.

Localization translation is useful for:

  • Websites that cater to an international audience, with pages for specific countries;
  • Marketing campaigns introducing a product to a new market;
  • Social media accounts that target a specific culture.

When it comes to creative content, designed to attract people, localization can be the difference between fail and success.

So don’t let your campaign fail! Send us your text and we’ll make it more relatable to the target public!

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