Where to Translate a Legal Document?

Where to Translate a Legal Document?

The ‘where to translate a legal document’ comes up quite often these days and I heard many people asking it even before I started working in the field. It was a question that I myself asked at some point.

Not every individual will come across the need to have a translation done. But when someone does, it is a bit daunting. There is a lot of terminology out there, and the institutions that require a translation do not actually provide clear information as to what a certified translation means. And with so little information, you may feel lost and in need of reassurance.

The Answer to Where to Translate a Legal Document

In UK, legal translation is the same as official translation or certified translation. These are just terms used for the same type of document. It is a translation done by a professional in the field who has the qualification to provide translations as well as the credentials to do so.

Our legal translations can be used at various institutions:

  • with Register Offices,
  • with the Passport Office,
  • with the UKVI for visa and immigration purposes,
  • in Court,
  • with educational institutions
  • or can be submitted to recruitment agencies or employers.

They are recognised as official translations as they are true and accurate translations, they present our credentials, and follow the guidelines of the UK government.

When you entrust us with your order, you can be sure that we will deliver a high quality certified translation that is legally valid in UK and many of the European countries. Furthermore, the professionals taking care of your translation have all the experience needed to provide this on time and on budget.

Having worked in the field for so long, we came across many situations where legal translations were needed, and we therefore know the best and fastest way to deliver this to you. Our fees are very competitive and in pricing a translation we take into account mainly four factors:

  • The language combination;
  • The type of document and the formatting involved;
  • The word count and quantity of documents;
  • The urgency.

Our quotes are free and non-binding, and we guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and the privacy of your details.

Certified Translations in London…and Not Only

Many clients ask us if we have an office close to where they are.

This may be relevant to them, but in fact it makes no difference to us if you are based in Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast or Bournemouth.

Because our translation process is so simple and straightforward, you will benefit from the same care and the certified translation service provided will be the same as if you were next door to us. As we do not need the original documents for a certified translation, a scan or a photo is sufficient.

We will provide a price and payment options, and your translations will be done within the period of time advised when the quote is provided. We strive to get all small orders done within 24 hours, and sometimes even faster.

Our Customer Service representatives are available to answer any of your questions by email or phone, and they can provide many details even before having a look at your documents. Once the translation is ready, it will get to you immediately in electronic format and in one day in hard copy. All we need from you is your postage address, as the standard postage is complimentary!

Some people never need a certified translation in their whole life, but those who do can consider themselves sorted. We are here to make the process easy and effort free and we guarantee acceptance by all UK institutions.

So, if you are getting married, if you are changing your Passport or driving licence, if you are making immigration or visa applications, planning to continue your education or just found that perfect job and you are required to provide a legal translation or official translation, contact us! We will get that sorted for you in no time.