5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Translation Services

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Translation Services

Do you need a birth certificate translated from one language to another? Or maybe you just moved to a new country and you need all sorts of documents translated. Regardless of your needs, a professional translation agency can (and will) provide the perfect assistance.

Sure, you may be more tempted to find someone who charges less, but let us show you why this is not such a good idea:

#1: High-Quality Translation

Regardless of the type of translation you need, a translation agency will have the specialist to cover it. This is of crucial importance when you’re translating legal documents, that need certification from an accredited agency. However, even a document as simple as a CV should be reviewed (if not translated) by a professional translation agency.

Keep in mind: a CV with grammar mistakes and/or misspelled words will most likely cost you a lot more in missed job opportunities than it would cost to have it proofread!

#2: Cultural Nuances & Domain Expertise

Official documents and any other papers that must be reviewed by native speakers should be translated by a native linguist with expertise in the field. So, legal documents will be covered by people who understand the terms and nuances of such a domain, while technical ones will be assigned to specialists with a technical background.

Not to mention, a professional translation agency can also make recommendations on how to best use certain terms and phrases.

#3: Fast Results

When you work with an independent contractor, your project may not always be their primary concern. Since these people usually are a one-person business, larger projects from bigger customers may come first. This means you’ll have to wait longer for your translation, and you can forget about any emergencies!

A translation agency, on the other hand, will always be ready to help in the shortest amount of time possible. Furthermore, most agencies have the possibility to work on your project on an emergency basis, in exchange for a fee, of course.

#4: A Professional Network

Agencies not only collaborate with native specialists from all over the world, but they also work with professionals from other fields! This means you’ll have access to a wider network, which comes in handy when you need translation and notary services (just an example).

You’ll save both time and frustrations by asking the translation agency to recommend you a highly-qualified collaborator in a connected field.

#5: Transparency & Confidentiality

A translation agency will always provide a clear set of terms and conditions, including the length of your project, payment options, discounts, and any other similar details. When you work with professionals, you get treated like a customer and you have the certainty the job will be done in time and with the utmost level of professionalism.

Confidentiality is another aspect that matters, especially when dealing with personal documents (legal or not). When working with independent contractors, you don’t know how they protect their own data and the level of trust is never that high. However, a translation agency understands the risks of personal information leakage and they will take the necessary measures to protect their customers’ information.

In Conclusion

Overall, even if the price asked by a translation agency may be a bit higher, you pay for your own piece of mind. A professional translation agency will deliver the work on time, with the guarantee that everything is 100% according to the requested quality. Also, your papers will be safe from prying eyes and you can count on a wider network of specialists.