Certified French Document Translation to English: Fast & Reliable Services

Certified French Document Translation to English: Fast & Reliable Services

Documents in French? Send Them to Us!

As you know, French is one of the first ten most-spoken languages in the world. It is the official language of France, of course, but also of Belgium, Canada and one of the official languages of Switzerland. If your document was issued in one of these countries and you need to use it in the UK, you will need a certified French document translation to English.

The same goes for a large number of countries in Africa – 26 to be more precise – where French is an official language: Congo, Tunisia, Cameroon, Djibouti, Morocco, Guinea, Senegal, Chad, to name just a few. All official documents issued in these countries are likely to be in French (or another official language, like Arabic) and should you need to use them in England, they must be officially translated.

Many institutions in the UK will only accept translations that were done in the UK, by a well-established company, with verifiable credentials.  We can offer not only that, but also an extensive experience in working with official documents from all over the world. Even more, we have been offering our services to clients in need of translations for more than 10 years. This is how we justify our competitive prices, as we offer the same quality that other companies do for a fraction of the cost.

What Type of Documents Do We Translate?

We can handle all type of documents, from Birth certificates to Criminal Records, from Diplomas and Certificates to Medical discharge letters.

We also handle big projects, translating  contracts, agreements, Articles of Association, Statements, Company Accounts and many more, on a regular basis.

Even if you don’t need a certified translation of your French document, we may still be able to assist you. Our Localisation Department deals with marketing material on a daily basis, such as translation of:

  • websites,
  • brochures,
  • catalogues,
  • presentations,
  • magazines,
  • newsletters,
  • emails.

We have the capacity to localise the material for any specific country you need, whether your target is Belgium, Canada or France.

We only use native translators that work with their native language, and when translating into French, the first question we ask the client is the country of destination for the translation, so that we can use a French, Belgian, Swiss or Canadian native.

Furthermore, we can handle personal documents, like CVs, Cover letters, emails and correspondence, and our translators bring not only their extensive knowledge in the language but also their personal input, experience and common sense.

Certified French Document Translation to English

If it is a certified translation of your French documents that you are after, look no further!

Every time clients contact us and send their documents, we always assume they need an official translation. It is not something additional that we do for that, it does not cost you more, it just means that we have to present a certificate alongside the translation carried out that states our credentials and qualifications. For us it’s a standard procedure and we do it even if you don’t specificially ask us to.

We abide by the UK Government regulations when certifying a translation, stating:

  • that it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’
  • the date of the translation
  • the full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company

Our translations are thus valid for use in the UK with any institution and for all purposes.

If you want to benefit from our professional services, we have amazing offers regarding prices and turnaround, all you need to do is get in touch! We will be ready to assist and accommodate your requirements. Contact us today for a quote and we’ll provide all the necessary details regarding our French translation services!