Top 5 Most Useful Languages to Learn for Travel & Business

Top 5 Most Useful Languages to Learn for Travel & Business

What are the best languages to learn for travel & which are the most useful languages to learn for business?

Depending on where you want to go (for work or fun) your perspective and preferences will change. Luckily, due to high-speed internet connections and various modern technologies that favour communication we are no longer limited by borders or even distances. However, there will be some language limitations, especially if you’re looking for business opportunities or employment. So, if you’re interested in expanding your reach in the near future, it is a good idea to start learning a second language.

But which are the useful languages to learn for business or for travel?

To help you out, we had a chat with our language experts and, in today’s article, we’ll discuss the top five best languages to learn for travel and business.

Top 5 Most Useful Languages to Learn

We think it’s safe to say that the most useful languages in business are the ones that will help you communicate with partners and find customers. Such a language will help entrepreneurs and corporations expand to new markets and attract international customers and partners, but only if it’s used correctly. Additionally, a new language comes with a different set of cultural expectations and customs, so it pays to learn about the people as well. So, if you’re serious about getting your business overseas, it is a good idea to know about business languages to learn, but it also helps to hire a team of experts who can support your efforts and increase your chances of success.

Our team of experts is ready to help with any business-related translations (business plans, contracts, employment documents, offers, and more)!

Now, here are the top five most useful languages to learn for business and travel:

#1: English

There is no doubt that English is one of the most commonly used languages across the world! Whether you’re in Vietnam, Germany, Peru, or Antarctica, you will manage to find someone who understands several words in this language!

But English is also the language most used in business deals and the main language of many leading organizations at a global level. Not to mention that English is the language of the Internet (most users speak and understand it at a basic level) and of most IT platforms.

#2: Mandarin Chinese

China has grown so strong that it is now considered a global power, and its economy can rival the US and Europe. Furthermore, they are the most populous country on the globe, and there are 870+ million native speakers and 190+ million people who speak Mandarin as their second language.

The country is home to giant businesses such as Sina Weibo and Alibaba, and many of the largest players of the top industries may establish businesses here in the future. So, if you plan on working with a company that may have or already has a subsidiary in China, Mandarin will be an incredibly useful language.

#3: Portuguese

With over 220 million speakers, Portuguese is the most spoken language in South America. So, if you plan on travelling in countries like Brazil, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea, and other seven countries where it is declared the official language, you’d better know a few words!

Furthermore, if you bother to learn it, you may also use it in parts of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, or Indonesia.

#4: Russian

While it’s not exactly a superpower, there are a lot of opportunities for businesses that want access to an untapped audience. There are a lot of wealthy Russians who love investing in lavish projects. For instance, they enjoy investing in luxurious real estate in the most high-end touristic regions of the world.

So, if you plan on doing business at the high-end of the spectrum, Russian can be a huge point in your favour.

#5: Arabic

The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing economic areas of the world, with states like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and more. They offer amazing opportunities for businesses, but also travellers since they offer some wonderful touristic attractions.

Furthermore, just like in Russia, Arabic states have wealthy people who enjoy diversifying their assets by acquiring various high-end properties and services. So, the Middle East can be a powerful stage for businesses that look for clients interested in spending big money on luxury.

However, to get close to these people and put together a business deal, you will need to learn Arabic.

Wrap Up

The world is in a constant rhythm of change, so it’s difficult to say if the same languages we mentioned here will be just as popular ten or fifteen years from now. But, if you want to travel and/or do business in other countries right now, these languages will make it easier.

Also, if you need help from expert translators, send us your request here!