Translation of Spanish Sale Agreements

Translation of Spanish Sale Agreements

Buying a house is a dream many people foster, even if the housing market is not always stable. Luckily, if you want to buy property in the UK, 2022 seems like a great year for both first-time buyers and experienced ones. 

According to trade association UK Finance, 2021 was a so-called bumper year for mortgage lending, with around £316bn of home loans given. However, this increase in home buyers was also fueled by the pandemic and lockdowns. As more people can now work from home, many preferred doing so in a house with a small garden that they can call theirs. 

Still, things are expected to stabilize in 2022, so it may be just the right time if you consider buying a house on British soil. The interest rates are convenient, and there are some quite attractive offers on the market.

Now, if you do decide to make the step, you will have to provide evidence of your funds as part of the conveyancing process. This is required regardless of the fact that you are a cash buyer or you are looking to obtain a mortgage. Plus, your funds may come from multiple sources such as savings, selling a former property or other valuable possessions, or an inheritance (just to name a few).

If you’re a UK buyer, you won’t have any problems providing the bank or real estate agency with the right sales agreements or inheritance documents. However, if you are a foreigner buying property in the UK, things can get complicated. 

Here is where we can help!

Our translation experts can help you get your sales agreements and other documents translated from a foreign language into English (and vice-versa) so everything will go smoothly once you find the right property. 

For instance, if your home country is Spain and you dream of having your own little cottage in Cotswolds (one of the most idyllic British areas), you will have to have all those Spanish sale agreements and other Spanish documents translated. 

An Experienced Translations Team

We can translate your Spanish documents – sale contracts, inheritance documents, bank statements – and provide certified translations valid for conveyancing, in order to obtain a mortgage.

We can also translate any other type of documents if required. Our highly-trained translators can also work on other official documents such as IDs, Utility Bills, birth and marriage certificates that may be needed in the process.
So don’t hesitate and give us a call or fill out our Quote Form!