Translation Services for the Medical and Healthcare Industry [Various Specialties]

Translation Services for the Medical and Healthcare Industry [Various Specialties]

Clear, efficient, and accurate communication is essential in the medical field. However, this is not always an option when dealing with patients who are immigrants and don’t understand medical terms or when working with foreign research teams and/or medical equipment providers.

In these situations, it’s always best to ask for help from a team of professionals specialising in medical translation services, like Translations123. We work with native medical translators, and our services focus on delivering the best medical translation services possible.

Who Needs Medical Translation Services?

The medical and healthcare industry covers a wide range of organisations (private and public) and intermediaries that activate at an international level. Plus, nowadays, people often travel abroad, searching for treatments at hospitals and clinics around the world.

Furthermore, researchers and scientists can communicate and work with colleagues all over the world to further their work. Therefore, you could say that medical translation services are an integral part of any healthcare organisation and medical professional that embraces the benefits of our global, modern society.

To name a few, specialists working in pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic groups and laboratories, hospitals, private clinics, medical research foundations, and more will most likely need our services.

Medical Translation Services for Your Healthcare Documents

Our team members are aware of the importance of data accuracy in medical documents and know how to use highly specific terms in the right context. Plus, by working with native speakers specialising in medical translation services, we make sure that medical terminology is aligned with the conventions of the target language, which often differ from what you can find in a dictionary.

We have experience in providing medical translations for different customers, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Technology 
  • Diagnostics services
  • Medical equipment users and manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • General Healthcare
  • Medical researchers
  • Healthcare organisations that activate at an international level
  • Cosmetic groups

Also, we know that healthcare document translation requires advanced knowledge of medical terms in both languages (the source and the target languages). This is why medical translators need to take a much more in-depth approach.

In Summary

Our medical translation services cover a wide range of specialities and domains, so don’t hesitate to ask for our help if you need to translate documents such as product declarations, medical reports, scientific articles, nutrition documentation, clinical studies, pharmaceutical technology, and more. 

We work with native linguists from all over the world and can offer medical translation services in over 120 languages! Plus, it’s easy to get in touch with us and get a translation going – just give us a call or send us a translation request with your documents attached, and we’ll get back to you!