5 Reasons Why Businesses Need the Services of a Translation Agency

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need the Services of a Translation Agency

Yes, we’re a translation agency and yes, we’re based in London – the world’s most culturally diverse city! But did you know you don’t need to be in London to use our services? Or that we can provide specialised services in almost any field, employing the help of specialists and native speakers from all over the world?
This is exactly why we know that, at one point or another, your business will need our services. But, to make sure you understand just how easy we can make your job, below are the five main reasons why big, small and medium companies employ the services of translation agencies in general.

#1: A Translation Agency Covers the Entire Project

If you work with customers from all over the world (as it often happens in the era of fast Internet communications), you will need translation services. Everything from important documents (such as contracts, work documents, training materials) to emails and other similar communications will need to be translated for both (or all) parties.
Now, if the company chooses to work with an independent translator or hire someone as part of the staff, these people will cover the translation side of the job. But the side that includes document filing, notarisations, certifying the translation, and other small details (which can pile up rather fast) will still have to be done by someone in the company.
Here is why many business owners and managers prefer to work with a translation agency like Translations123. With us, you just send the project requirements, we discuss the deadline and the costs, and we take over all the additional tasks that come along. You are free to continue your day and be productive in other areas of the job!

#2: Maximum Professionalism

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Given that only 3% of the population speaks four or more languages fluently, it will be rather difficult to find that one person that fulfils all your company’s translation needs. But even if you outsource projects to several different people, you don’t have a guarantee of their work ethic and integrity.
On the other hand, an agency like Translations123 will always provide high work quality. We respect our customers and our own reputation, which is why we put in place a series of work protocols that allow spotting any mistakes before the documents get to the client.
Most serious translation agencies will have an internal proofreading system in place, which means you can trust that all the documents they produce are 100% professional.

#3: Translations that Fit the Field

The main purpose of a translation agency is to connect clients with language specialists in various fields.
For instance, a customer who needs to translate an architecture manual from English to Greek will need to find an architecture specialist who speaks Greek fluently and understands the technical nuances of the niche.
If you were to search for this person by yourself, it would take a lot of time, you’ll lose a lot of brain cells over this, and you don’t have the guarantee of a job well done. On the other hand, a translation agency already has this type of specialists in their databse, linguists who are thoroughly checked and with verified profiles, and your project will reach them quickly and easily.

#4: Size Doesn’t Matter for Agencies

An agency can easily deal with large projects without compromising on work quality or missing deadlines. It’s just as simple as that!
Now try imagining how would a freelance translator react on a huge project that will probably block their entire month? Or how much would it cost the company to employ more people just for this project?

#5: From One Business to Another

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A translation company understands the processes required to keep a business running (they have the B2B approach). As a result, they also understand the importance of respecting deadlines, sending in intermediary reports, or communicating openly with all the parties involved.
A company also understands and respects the need for confidentiality and data protection against various threats.

In Conclusion

To be successful, we all need to create powerful and reliable connections with business partners from various fields. So, if your company needs translations or any connected services, we recommend selecting a partner you can trust.
While working with freelancers or even hiring on a temporary base may look like a better option, in the long-term it makes a lot more sense to work with a translation agency like Translation123!