Legal Translation Services for UK Solicitors: Why Your Firm Needs It

Legal Translation Services for UK Solicitors: Why Your Firm Needs It

The UK is well-known for its varied population that encompasses people from all four corners of the world. Even with the Brexit vote, which put migration into a period of slow decline, immigrants continue to seek a better life on British territory.

So, it’s safe to say that UK solicitors won’t run out of business from foreign nationals anytime soon! Not to mention that law firms also get a lot of business from international companies that need various legal documents in several different languages.

As such, it’s crucial to have access to reliable legal translation services for UK solicitors. While some solicitors prefer to keep their own legal language department, a collaboration with a trustworthy translation agency has a wide range of benefits for the law firm.

Below, we’re going to list some of the most important ones, that may help solicitors understand how such collaboration may improve their work and overall earnings.

High-Quality & Fast Turnaround

When it comes to legal documents and content, the result must be accurate and of the best possible quality. This means that the translator(s) must have knowledge of the legal terminology and its use and must be proficient in current legislation that may change the outcome of the document(s).

Also, given that time is a highly sensitive factor in this niche, solicitors can’t afford to waste time because of a delayed translation. This means that the translator(s) must strictly respect deadlines, which can get tricky when you’re using employees who already have other tasks to accomplish. And, most often than not, time-pressures lead to mistakes, which can be fatal in a legal case.

When working with an agency that’s specialising in legal translation services for UK solicitors, the results will always be on time and error-free (from both a writing and legal point of view).

Proficiency in a Wide Range of Specialisations

Access to a wide network of linguists that have deep knowledge of the legal system in different countries is one of the main benefits a language agency brings in the collaboration.

Agencies like Translations123 maintain a network of specialists in various fields, so they can handle all sorts of orders. This means that they have several highly trained legal specialists who can translate any kind of document without the need for additional research. And, if research is needed, they know where to look for reliable information.

For instance, a translation agency like ours could help UK solicitors with documents such as:

  • Documents for immigration purposes (in high demand right now)
  • Business contracts for international companies (a direct result of globalization)
  • Financial records
  • Technical documents required in legal agreements (T&C, warranty, and so on)
  • International fraud claims
  • Copyright, patents, and trademark


The list could go on, but the benefit is clear: specialised agencies can do the job well, without delays or problems related to lack of specialised knowledge.

Experience in Working with Foreign Nationals

Language agencies have extensive experience in dealing with the multitude of certified translations that foreign nationals need for making the switch to living in the UK. Most of them need translations of official documents (marriage and birth certificates), education documents (diplomas, study certificates, and more), employment and financial records, and so on.

You also need to know which form of document certification (certified, notarised, or apostilles) is needed in each situation. This can be a bit confusing for solicitors who haven’t worked in this niche before, so a collaboration with an agency can cut down expenses and time spent on this matter.

In conclusion, UK solicitors can improve their workflow by outsourcing certification and official document translations to a specialised agency.

Wrap Up

An agency like Translations123, that offers legal translation services for UK solicitors, is most likely to offer discounts for a loyal collaboration and higher workflow. Even more, solicitors can also get better prices per translation than they would with an internal department.

So, the main benefits for solicitors are fast turn-around times, high-quality and accuracy, access to a wide network of specialists, and reduced costs for their translation needs.

Does this sound like something your law firm could use? Give us a call or send us an enquiry at today!