How Content Translation Can Help You Get More Traffic

How Content Translation Can Help You Get More Traffic

When it comes to the online world (e-commerce sites, blogs, presentation sites, and more), the content plays a huge role in attracting visitors and driving traffic through the sales funnels put in place. 

However, few site owners seem to understand the power of content translation and the ways it could help increase traffic and sales. For many, English remains the language used to connect with customers at an international level. Not to mention that small online business owners like to place the USA market at the center of all their strategies. 

But did you know the US is not the biggest country to use the internet?

According to the latest data, the countries with the largest number of internet users are China and India. For instance, China has nearly one billion active users online, while the US only has 280k+! India doesn’t come close to China but it still has over 400k users online, which is double compared to the US.

So, by not translating your online content, you are actually shutting out huge traffic possibilities! If we consider that great content is readily available in most niches, content translation becomes one of the few advantages you can use without a heavy financial investment.

How Will Content Translation Help My Site?

Here are a few perks that may sway your opinion with regards to investing a bit more in the content that’s already available:

  • Access to different countries, backgrounds, and languages
  • Full traffic optimization so you won’t lose any quality leads due to the language barrier
  • A better click-through rate and better Google indexation of your pages
  • Better engagement from users
  • More shares and better exposure on social media
  • Increased number of new users who may turn in returning visitors (at least a percentage
  • A drop in your bounce rate (many people who come on your site and leave may have been motivated to do so by the language barrier)

Overall, the benefits outweigh the initial investment and set your site on a path for growth and success.

However, content translation should not be done without clear data that backs it up as a viable strategy. What does this mean?

Well, it simply means you should first analyse your traffic and understand the full use of such a move. Do you have people from other countries visiting your site? Does your product or service address people outside of the US or another English-speaking country?

When Is Content Translation A Good Move?

The short answer is ‘when the data says so’. 

Now, to get the data, you must use and understand Google Analytics, which can be a bit tedious, but it is incredibly useful (plus, it’s free).

Analyse the available reports and learn if your site gets consistent traffic from other countries. For this, go to the ‘Acquisition” (in GA), select ‘Channels’ (under All Traffic). This action will reveal your Direct Channel Grouping. 

To get more details, click on Secondary Dimension and select ‘country’ from the list of options. This will give you an accurate depiction of where your traffic is coming from on each channel. 

You can now use this report to plan your next move with regard to translation. For instance, you can decide to translate all the content on your site or just the pages that perform best. To learn about your best performers, you’ll also have to use GA, but a different report. 

Wrap Up

In our most than humble opinion, we think that the question shouldn’t be ‘do I need to translate my content?’. It should be ‘when would it be best to invest in content translation?’. 

Due to the Internet and.globalisation, nowadays it’s easier than ever to conquer markets from all over the world. Don’t miss this opportunity because of the language barrier! 

Our team of expert translators is more than qualified to work with online content from every niche. So, if you decide pro-translation, let us know at or send us a quote. We’ll be happy to assist you in every way possible.