Certified translation of income documents for Student Finance UK

Certified translation of income documents for Student Finance UK

Students who want to go to university or college in the United Kingdom but don’t have the funds to cover tuition and maintenance costs can apply for student loan. Plus, you don’t have to be a British resident to qualify for student finance. EU students and people coming from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland can also apply if they intend to enlist to uni or college in the UK.

So if you are someone from outside the UK and want to apply for student finance, you must first check if you’re eligible. For this, search on the gov.uk website and learn about the conditions and the type of loan you could get.

Types of Student Finance

The UK offers two types of loans:

  1. Tuition fee loans – this type of student finance covers the course fees and the money is paid directly into the university or college account;
  2. Maintenance loans – this type of student finance covers the costs of living (such as accommodation, books, food, and more) and the amount is calculated based on your current situation.

Now, a tuition fee loan is rather easy to determine, since the tuition fee is clearly stated by each university or college. However, a maintenance loan is partly means-tested and usually depends on the household income (how much your parents earn and their means to support your studies).

This means that you will need to submit to the student finance body various documents that prove your parents’ income, your current situation as a student, and more. For the student finance body to consider your application, you will have to submit a certified translation of all these documents.

Prepare Your Application with Our Help

Our team of professional translators and linguists will help with the translation of any type of income document or tax return for the purpose of obtaining the Student Finance loan (for students who want to pursue their studies in the UK). We translate documents from Italian, German, French, Spanish, and many other languages into English.


Plus, because of Brexit, some of the rules of access may have changed. Our specialists are always up to date with the latest news, to make sure we provide the right type of service. So you don’t have to worry you’ll lose your student finance loan application because of a technicality.

Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the Student Finance agency.

We offer a quick turnaround and provide scans as well as hard copies of the translated documents, so there is no delay in submitting your documents. Tax documents are very stuffy and complex, but we have the right solution to help you save money as well as submit your documents quickly without delays.

Key Takeaway

The UK government allows EU students and students from countries such as Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway to apply for student loans that will help cover tuition fees and living expenses. However, applying for student loans can be a complex process, especially when you need to submit certified translations of various documents.

So, if you want to apply for student finance, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a quote request! Our team will reply as quickly as possible with guidance and advice.