Is Social Distancing Increasing Divorce Rates?

Is Social Distancing Increasing Divorce Rates?

The COVID-19 pandemic managed to stop the world from its daily routine and agitation and forced many of us to face problems we would rather not see. 

First, it shined a light on crippled health systems (in most countries, not just the UK or the US), ineffective leadership, and unrealistic economic predictions. In many ways, it brought to the surface a lot of negativity and uncertainty, which further influenced our emotions and lifestyle.   

And this brings us to the main topic of today’s article – divorce during pandemic times. 

Will the Divorce Rate Increase in the Following Months?

According to experts, more and more married couples or couples in a partnership will choose the path of divorce or separation once the social distancing is over. As it turns out, some disasters have this effect on people, because the added stress can be too much, especially if the relationship was already fragile.   

In the case of the current social scenario, it seems that the main stressor came from too much time spent together in the same space while dealing with a huge load of anxiety. Luckily, some people can dish things out on social media. 

We don’t know who started the trend, but Twitter is filled with messages from irked partners who don’t really feel in their element being locked down in the same house/apartment with their partner. If you want to have a laugh and connect with people who experience the same ugly situation, BoredPanda made a collage of frustrated married quarantine tweets – they’re funny and very relatable.


This is a healthy way to deal with this unprecedented situation as it shows you are not the only couple going crazy while confined at home. It makes you feel normal even when everything seems to be upside down and sideways.


Sadly, not everything can be solved with humour and an open-minded attitude. Many families had to deal with unexpected situations like the loss of a job or worse, coping with the disease and even losing closed people.

The situation is different, from one household to another, but it is never easy for either partner. 

How Does Divorce Work During a Pandemic?

If this is the path you decide to choose, you should do a bit of research, to understand how the process works in your country. While you probably can’t get a divorce online, it is best to discuss the proceedings as calmly as possible and understand the steps. This way, when the restrictions are lifted, you can act quickly and start the healing process.

Also, keep in mind that a certificate of divorce is an official document you may need in a wide array of scenario, including moving or working in a different country.

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