Business as Usual - We’re Here for You

Business as Usual - We’re Here for You

We are living scary times and everyone’s main concern right now is staying safe and healthy. However, we need to keep hope and continue living our lives while practising social distancing to the best of our abilities. 

We’re OK Working From Home

Our translation agency was already functioning on a remote work basis, especially since we only work with native translators specialised in different fields of interest, most of whom are not living in the UK. 

We also have a well-design system for taking orders from customers via phone or email. So, we didn’t have to stop the activity and we didn’t lose any of our trustworthy collaborators in the process.

Now, just because working from home or a personal office is normal for many of us, this doesn’t mean we’re used to having the entire family at home, 24/7, for an indefinite amount of time. This is not the usual situation, and it can get a bit uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing

The lockdown impacts everyone, in one way or another, because it’s a change in routine. So, we try to keep in touch with each other, via online meetings and video calls, to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy (both physically and mentally). 

We’re Here for You

Yes, we want to stay positive and keep going strong! True, there are changes and the tension is almost palpable, but we can’t give up!

As such, Translations123 continues to take orders and deliver high-quality translations for official documents, medical documents (especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic), and more. We continue to deliver translation services at the same quality as before the world turned upside down. 

So, if you need something translated, fill in the Get a Quote form to learn more about prices and time of execution. We also take orders via phone (07549043558) and email (
If not, we recommend browsing our blog (it’s quite interesting if you like languages) and stay informed about the pandemic from safe sources

Let’s Not Lose Hope

We want to close this article with a message of hope. As a very wise headmaster of a very famous school once said, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.