Certified Translation of Criminal Record: Be Prepared for a New Job

Certified Translation of Criminal Record: Be Prepared for a New Job

Whether you came to the UK looking for a new life or you already have a clearely defined path, a new job is the best way to secure your status. But, most employers would want to make sure you are indeed a positive change for their team. So, you may be asked to provide proof of your character, which is usually acquired by submitting a Police Record Clearance / Criminal Record Background check (CRB). Now, since you apply for a job in an English-speaking country, you will also need a certified translation of criminal record.

Is the CRB Always Mandatory?

The answer is ‘it depends on the type of position you are after’, but in most casses it’s extremly likely that you’ll be asked to provide one.

For instance, if you have a professional qualification in medicine, teaching, aviation, or if you are thinking to start working in the security or transport field, you will certainly need to provide your CRB. An application to work as a nurse, doctor or dentist for the NHS will have to include your police record check as well as a certificate of Good Standing as a professional.

If you wish to work as a Teacher or Teacher Assistant, you must provide an enhanced Criminal Record Background check that would specifically state that there is no impediment for you to work with children and teenagers.

Should you wish to apply with an aviation company to work as a pilot or cabin crew, you must prove that you have no criminal record history. Even if you wish to work in an airport, as a sales assistant, waiter, or on any other position, the same procedure must be followed – it is mandatory that your application pack includes your CRB check.

It is just the same for an applicant who wants to work as a security agent, and therefore they want to register with the Security Industry Agency (SIA) – if you cannot prove that your criminal record is clear, then you cannot be a part of that. Or should you wish to become a taxi driver, you must first get your TFL licence, and one of the requirements is to submit your CRB check.

There are many others institutions that will need you to provide your Criminal Record Background check in English, and that is a mandatory requirement; if your application pack does not include this very important document, it will not matter how qualified or experienced you are, you will not be interviewed or given a chance to a position until and unless you submit it.

Why you Need a Certified Translation of Criminal Record

Obviously, your criminal record will be issued in the country you are coming from or where you’ve been living and working before. Unless this is an English speaking country, your CRB will be in a foreign language; therefore you must get it translated. This is where we come in! Our UK team will be happy to assist and provide a certified translation of Criminal Record for you!

Whether you have a:

  • Casier judiciaire issued in France, Belgium, or another French speaking country,
  • a Führungszeugnis from Germany,
  • a certificate from the Registro Central de Penados in Spain,
  • a Zapytanie o Udzielenie Informacji o Osobie from Poland,
  • a Cazier Judiciar issued in Romania,
  • a Certificado de Registo Criminal from Portugal,
  • a Certificato Penale/Generale del Casellario Giudiziale that you received from Italy,

or any other Criminal Record Clearance in any language issued by any country, all you need to do is email it to us. A clear photo is enough if you do not have scanner facilities.

Our guarantee is that we will offer the best price for the official certified translation of Criminal Record, and the fastest turnaround. We translate around 100 such documents weekly, and our translations are legally valid for any institution in the UK.

So, if you find yourself in need of having your CRB translated into English, remember we are here to help! Providing you with a certified translation of Criminal Record is quick and easy, just like 1, 2, 3 !