Certified translation of a Marriage Certificate in London

Certified translation of a Marriage Certificate in London

Making an application in the UK or abroad

Some of the documents we receive most often for translation are marriage certificates. As such, you may find yourself in need to have a certified translation of a marriage certificate in the following situations:

  • You are applying for a visa or residence permit in the UK and you must submit a marriage certificate. Unless your marriage certificate is already in English, you will need to provide a certified translation in line with the guidelines provided by UKVI.
  • You are a British citizen but decided to have your wedding in one of the famous wedding destinations around the world (Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Mexico, Spain, France, etc.). You will need to have your marriage certificate translated into English so that you can use it in the UK. This is required to, for instance, register your new marital status with the Registry Office, change your Passport, change your name with your bank or with suppliers, change your driving licence, and in any other situation.
  • You live and got married in the UK but you need to register your marriage abroad. Depending on the country, there are specific requirements. But, due to our previous experience, we can assist with the correct information or guide you through the process. In some cases, a certified translation of your marriage certificate is sufficient, in others, you may need additional legalisation or certification.
  • You are applying for divorce and your marriage certificate is not in English. In this case, the court requirement is that you provide a certified translation of the marriage certificate with a statement of truth or a translation notarised in the UK.

In all the above situations, and any other that we may not have foreseen, for any application that requires submission of a marriage certificate or a certified translation of it, we can help. We have all the support needed for you. If you received two (or more) such documents and don’t know which one is the one that you should translate, send them to us for advice. For instance, countries like France, Spain, Italy (and not only) can issue two/three types of marriage certificates or extracts from the registers as well as the so-called Family book.

So, if you are confused and not sure which one you need, just ask us!

Support for Understanding that Confusing Legal Language

The same goes when you are making a specific application with any UK institution. Sometimes, the legal language may not be too clear. You may come across words like “certified”, “official”, “sworn”, “notarised”, “Apostille”, “legalise” and not know exactly what they refer to.

That’s where we come in. You can forward us your document(s) and the requirements, and we can advise what is needed by “translating” that legal language in a clearer one.

Pricing, Turnaround and Special Offers

Depending on the type of document, language and purpose, you are looking at prices starting at £20 and a turnaround of 24 hours.

We can issue several copies of the translations, as you may need to submit these to several institutions. For instance, you may need to register your marriage with the Registry Office, then have a Passport and Driving Licence issued in your new name and prove your new status and name to the bank. We charge a small fee for each additional duplicate (£5), and you get your fourth duplicate for free (as part of the same order). We can also reissue a certified translation at a later point, by accessing our secure database.

As a general rule, we provide discounts for quantity, so the more documents you have, the less you will pay per document.

Don’t wait until the last moment! Whether you are just curious to get a quote, or are in need of a certified translation of your marriage certificate done in a timely and professional manner, contact us today by email at info@translations123.com. We are here to help!